the art & adventures of tracy durnell


January 23, 2009


Accomplishments This Week

As a means to hold myself accountable for my goal of getting more stuff done, I will post once per week about my artistic (and life?) accomplishments.

Art This Week

  • website: finished (for real this time) site header, sketched site footer, designed rough page layout

  • wrote and posted Watchmen review (maybe I should post it here too?) READ IT!!!!! Movie's out March 6!

  • made 3 pairs earrings

  • made mix CD

  • one decent sketch (for portraiture homework)

Life This Week

  • we got a dishwasher! It didn't work with our sink, so I got it running in only 2 trips to the hardware store. The plumbing gods are not pleased

  • framed two posters myself, and am getting 2 framed professionally !$!!$