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May 28, 2009


Jewelry: May and Catchup

octopus choker with freshwater pearls and chain
I made this last summer and intended to put something in the empty frame, but at this point I kind of like it how it is.

earrings with brown and red striped glass bead and bunch of dangling copper pearls
Last summer? Old, anyway.

necklace featuring large lucite flower and electric blue aluminum chain

summery orange and seafoam necklace
My new favorite - half the beads were pass-alongs someone else didn't like. Score!

chain lariat with wood and green freshwater pearl highlights
A few months ago - don't think I've worn it - but I've always wanted a lariat.

heart cabochon bobby pins
I bought a bunch of bobby pins with pads, which works out well for my recent obsession with buying cabochons but having nothing to do with them.


May 13, 2009


Time management

I just finished a graphic design class at BCC I mean Bellevue College, which was a load of fun! Also a TON of work. I designed 3 brochures, 2 on Bali and 1 as a personal cookbook (they said my food photography needs improvement...fair enough.) For my themes, I picked an ecotourism Bali brochure (12pp), an "adventure" packet aimed at college age kids (8pp) (one spread below), and a fifties-themed cookbook featuring dishes ranked by the amount of dirty dishes they generate.

one spread from my adventure brochure

I have been utterly exhausted from this class for the past 2-3 weeks (it was a 6 week class). But now that it's done, I have time to start a new project! ;D

My new project is going to be coming up with a curriculum to teach myself more about different varieties of ecology, get back into scientific reading, try and figure out if grad school in ecology is something I want, and what flavor of ecology if so. Also I need to take the GRE, so studying for that will be tied in. Wheeee!

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