the art & adventures of tracy durnell


September 9, 2008


"Counterfeit" money in the style of Mucha

I took an art class at the Seattle School of Visual Concepts over the summer and wanted to show off my last assignment: making a counterfeit bill styled after a particular artist. I of course chose Alphons Mucha. Though I ran out of time to finish drawing and coloring the backside, I still think it looks good.

Both bills mounted on bristol board.

Fortune adorned the backside--Mucha likes to illustrate themes and symbols, so I thought Fortune would be fitting on a bill. Didn't go into the concept as much as I planned. The front side is supposed to be Prosperity / Harvest / Summer, take your pick.

I sketched both girls and concepts for the design with pencil and paper first, elaborated the girls in PS, and laid out the bill and illustrated the swirls in AI. I printed it to size (7 x 4.5 inches) and colored it with colored pencils. We were required to use a color scheme utilizing analogous (?) colors.

Here's my original sketch for Fortune, which I traced in PS about 20 times too big for the bill.