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May 26, 2007


Return to CA

this is so us
This is so Brian and me.

Wishing to bring home some fair art or touch of Bellingham, Brian and I made pirogies. It went fine until the pirogies got too warm and all stuck together, so we had to cut them apart with a knife. Also, I only had whole wheat flour, so they were a little healthier tasting.

Brian helping me pack. Ok, I think he was working.

Aimee claims her rabbit's a girl.

The platypus knows it's next.

mt st helens
We detoured to Mt. St. Helens for a photo op on our way to Portland, where we spent a day, going to the art museum and OMSI (which we got in for free since it was so close to closing time!) and hanging out with our hosts.

sunset in Redding
This sunset and the fine mexican food we got are, I'm sure, the only nice things about Redding.

Apparently I have difficulty typing the word susnet.

gilad's chime hat
We stopped in Davis for a night and went to a party.

I still haven't finished unpacking, but it looks better than this. Robin said my unpacking method was to move boxes I didn't want to deal with out into the living room, which is somewhat true--I wanted them to be put into storage.

Monica gave Brian and I tickets to the Mountain Play--HAIR--since she was in it. Ironically, I played in the band in our high school's production, so I knew 70% of the lyrics. Unfortunately, we had to get a ride up the mountain with her, so we got there at 8:30 and the play didn't start until 1. Also we had only slept 3 hours the night before. Monica said the cast was amused during their pre-play runthrough watching us laying miserably in the sun on stone seats.

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May 10, 2007


Everthing is broken!

- laptop power cable demands to be at a particular angle
- cell phone does not receive text messages; has recently developed habit of refusing to dial out or end calls
- still have problem with my WEP network key being automatically deleted although I have done nothing to the network settings
- packing box lid snapped off--that's what duct tape is for
- living room blinds only go down on the right side

EDIT: one hour later
- glasses just exploded--Brian is attempting to screw the screw back in


May 8, 2007


Really I'm alive

I went to the East Coast for a week to see a bunch of my friends who I was with in New Zealand. I stayed in a house with Jen W, Gem, Leo, & Lauren, plus a couple other people I didn't know before. One night we had a potlatch for EcoQuesters. When all my buddies were at school or studying, I hung out with Erin, their roommate--she played an entertaining video game (Harvest Moon: Magical Melody I believe) a lot. The three objects of the game were to rescue the harvest fairy, maintain a healthy farm, and find a husband. Everyone in the house is probably going to be diabetic later due to their sweet tooths--we had ice cream practically every night, and also made cookies and cake.

Brian's now up in WA with me. We tried to go to Boundary Bay one night for dinner, but after the waitress forgot about us at the bar for an hour, we headed to the Horseshoe.

Friday night I threw a going-away party. Aimee shaved my friend Brendan's head.

On Saturday Brian and Eva and I wandered around downtown Bellingham and scored some free comics because it was free comic book day. Brian and I saw Spiderman 3 at midnight on Thursday night after attending a BBQ (we ate burritos instead) and snagging some pizza and beer (the cashier and person behind us in line at the gas station were both from CA!).

Because we didn't run the dishwasher right away after the party, on Saturday Aimee had to drink her Midori melon/peach vodka concoction out of a yogurt container since there were no cups.

Sunday, I dragged Brian, Hannah, and Aimee an hour up the Mt Baker Highway to this old growth stand.

Director Brian ran through a lot of takes to get this shot.

Photo credit: Brian Fong.

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