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August 30, 2009


Mesahchie Pass Backpack

looking at Kitling Peak from Mesahchie Pass
Last weekend I went backpacking in the North Cascades at Mesahchie Pass. There's no trail, so we brushcrashed up to the pass - about 5 miles, 3000 feet elevation gain, 5 1/2 hours hiking time, 7+ hours elapsed. My 'old faithful' external frame pack was totally unsuited to the style of hiking (lunging through conifer branches and willow banks) but I survived. This trip, like the snow tracking earlier this year, was with Conservation Northwest, and the goal was to switch camera batteries and reapply lure (think beaver anal secretions in liquid form - smelly).

More photos plus trip chronicle!

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August 14, 2009


August Misc

Mom got me a new earring rack, huzzah! Apparently I have a lot of earrings, I've already filled it pretty much completely up! But I still think it's time to make new... Of these, I made 35 pairs, bought 18, and was given 42.
new earring rack

I just finished up another fun, time-consuming graphic design class - this time for the web! We designed new portfolio sites (at last, will have different content than my blog! well, as soon as I finish coding...) and redesigned a random Hawaiian coffee-seller's website. Here's my homepage design for em:
sunny rainbowy Hawaiian coffee website

In July I took CJ white-water rafting in eastern WA. I couldn't sleep the night before because I was so worried from the last time I went rafting (raft tipped, threw us all out in a big rapid with the river super flippin high - water so cold it knocked the air out of you - fend for yourself swim for the other raft look for parents later! - lost one of my tevas) but it turned out to be totally tame because I booked so late in the year. Random photography companies take pictures as you go down the rapids - I'm Rivers Inc Boat 1 7-12 if the link doesn't work.

How I know I should be a scientist: I <3 data! Here's a sweet chart comparing how different people spend their days, allowing you to compare what percent of Americans are working vs. sleeping, eating, watching TV, etc at any given moment of the day. And the site Daytum lets you keep track of random personal data like "miles walked" or "movies watched" or "drinks drank" or whatever the hell you want to keep track of. I can't decide what I want to track, so I haven't started yet!


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