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June 18, 2009


June Jewelry!

Beading is kind of my life right now.


Venetian gold foil bracelet and earring set
Generally I hate sets, but these beads are just too awesome.

black and gold contemporary victorian bracelet
This happily, inadvertently matches a long vintage opera length necklace.

pearl, dyed jade, and silver bracelet
Dyed jade, fake pearls, and silver!

maroon freshwater pearls and hematite focal
I call these dork pearls - they rock.


jumble of blue and brass on kidney earwire

unmatched steampunk gear and pearl earrings
The gears on the watch part still spin, fun. Another attempt at steampunk.

orange flowers with pink plastic gems
I've been experimenting with bending wire, having fun.

wood, bone, and silver circles

dyed jade, plain jade, and silver hoops
Green jade, dyed blue jade, and silver.

maroon freshwater pearls on gently curved silver wire
More dork pearls and wire experimentation.

rainbow spear beads on a series of rings
I totally love these, I may have to make another pair! The first pair screamed Robin though ;D

pink and yellow transparent flowers on long dangles

clusters of wire-wrapped glass surrounding a red stone
I wish I remembered what kind of stone this was. I accidentally ordered this copper chain and have been playing a lot with it. This is a choker.

brass and dyed jade lariat
I can't resist buying any seahorse charm I see, but almost never do anything with them. But I love lariats too - this one has no clasp, just tie it in a simple knot.


June 11, 2009


Demi-year Review/Reflection!

I've been feeling a little low from lack of energy/feeling like I don't accomplish anything, so I thought I'd look back at the past six months and plot out goals for the next six. And now I feel great! Give it a try! I was surprised.

Since January

  • Drawing: took portraiture & figure drawing classes; filled half a sketchbook (versus in previous ENTIRE YEARS filling only 1/4-1/2 a sketchbook)
  • Graphic Design: took a graphic design class and designed 3 brochures, one being the start of a cookbook I've been meaning to do for years
  • Jewelry: made a TON!
  • Reading / Writing: wrote 3 graphic novel reviews; have read several good books (the sci-fi books Grass, Doomsday Book, and The Forever War stand out) - I've been working my way through the dual Hugo/Nebula award winners
  • Life: rode my bike to work all through winter, I'd guess probably 60-75% of the time; visited my family and went to Yosemite!; planned and planted my garden; volunteered snowtracking and pulled weeds one morning

Goals for next six months

  • Drawing: finish drawings I started in spring; draw for different seasons/solstices
  • Graphic Design: get some more experience (through volunteering); possibly take another couple classes (logo design, color theory); redo my website and make business cards for myself
  • Jewelry: start selling on Etsy
  • Reading / Writing: finish/make significant progress on my book!; increase pace of graphic novel reviews to one per month instead of every other ;D
  • Life: get better at maintaining myself / my stuff; be more social
  • Science: study and take GRE; complete my currently-being-developed get-back-into-science curriculum


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