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December 12, 2008


Jewelry! (Part One: Brass and Mod)

I've phased into jewelry making as a main hobby. I get so tired staring at the computer all day at work that when I get home I don't want to even see my monitor. That certainly has cut into my digital drawing. But boy, someone keep me and my wallet away from the bead store! I've been having a blast.


white twistily plus gold earrings

pink crystals
Sadly these are somewhat reminiscent of eyeballs.

owlies tall dangle earrings
I wore these today!

chunkalicious naturals necklace
This was wire-wrapping practice and will probably need to be redone.


Ah yes, victoriana, steampunk, what would you be without brass?

mucha pendant necklace
The crown jewel...the pendant is vintage lucite with a print by my favorite artist, Alphons Mucha.

dainty cameo choker

turquoise 1905 dream earrings

redberry and brass dangle earrings