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February 22, 2009


Two Weeks: Feb 7-21

I really am failing at this accomplishment thing. Post-work naps are the bane of my existence.


  • drew my best thing so far in my portraiture class (with conte crayons, fun!)

  • fixed a couple drawings

  • finalized layout stuff, compiled content, started coding website overhaul

  • made a pin, a necklace, and a couple pairs of earrings

  • made mix cd


  • went for a hike today

  • 3 concerts in the past 2-3 weeks!

  • failed 2x at seeing the Dark Knight on IMAX


February 8, 2009


Weekly: Feb 1-7 2009

I may have to initiate Plan B. I have no excuse for accomplishing nothing except that this was a social week. The only drawing I got done was when I was trapped at a friend's house for 6 hours while CJ played poker. He got a talking to.

For a vegetarian, I've been eating a lot of meat lately. We went out to a fancy organic sustainable restaurant, so I had some duck and some amazing boar nachos. CJ had never eaten sushi, so we went out and tried it. At a family brunch, a surprising amount of ground beef somehow "fell" into the vegetarian pasta. I can't say I've really liked it any of the times, except for the nachos.


February 1, 2009


Weekly Accomplishments

I was sick this week, so I did jack.

Art This Week

  • drew footer in illustrator and colored

  • sketched several decent sketches

  • wrote half of a comic book review

  • collaged (shittily) the front of my sketchbook

Life This Week

  • bought new office chair and file cabinet. Assembled file cabinet. NEVER AGAIN.

  • went for 25 minute jog! Now I'm sore, my own fault since I didn't stretch

  • Emergency Kit 90% assembled! Only missing photocopies of important documents and maybe a fleece jacket or something