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July 29, 2009


June - July Jewelry


double strand necklace featuring glass briolettes and an ammonite
I got this ammonite from The Bone Room.

multi-strand necklace with clasp in front
I went into this aiming to use my new bead cones and with the thought, "Scarlett with a ray gun in the observatory." Along the way she lost the ray gun.

triple-strand necklace with black, freshwater pearls, and carnelian
I've had these carnelian(?) pieces floating around forever.


triple stacked bezeled stones - turquoise and onyx
I took a three-saturday beginning jewelry-making class, learning to solder, shape metal, polish, etc. I was slightly overambitious and didn't quite finish these earrings in two days. Turquoise and onyx set in fine silver bezels on sterling backing. (Ouch, silver's pricey! Huzzah for base metal...)

brass, chain, and yellow chevron beads
I thought of using the chevrons double stacked the moment I saw them at the store, and am happy with how these came out. They remind me of pagodas.

Swirled glass beads over wood square dangles
<3 these beads!

faceted jade, swirled glass beads on a long drop
I felt like it had been a while since I made really long earrings.


two bobbie pins
Playing with bobby pins.

gold tone chain, yellow plastic beads, wooden painted beads, and a bee charm
Bees are so cute!