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January 26, 2009


Weekly Schedule Design for Accomplishments

In keeping with last week's posting that I aim to accomplish something noteworthy each week (last year's and now this year's resolution), I've come up with a rough schedule for the week:

Monday - Projects
Tuesday - Art (Drawing or tutorials)
Wednesday - Comics review / Beading
Thursday - Art class (Portraiture)
Friday - Projects
Saturday day - Culture / Cooking / Cleaning

Weekly Accomplishment Goals:
1 comic review
1 blog post + weekly recap
2 new bead projects
3 decent sketches/artspeak drawing
2 hours (significant) project progress - I need a better way to measure this
2 hours drawing

These goals are in fitting with (most of) my overall goals for 2009:
1) Significantly expand my art/graphic design portfolio
2) Sell my jewelry
3) Daily accomplishments - make sure I can name at least one thing I did each day
4) Exercise 3x/week (biking to work doesn't count :/ ) <-- this is not happening yet

This is all probably being overly optimistic. But if it turns out I wind up still sitting around reading shit on the internet or habitually tidying (not cleaning), as I tend to do on weeknights, I have another idea: pay myself for artistic accomplishments. And only spend money on fun stuff (like comic books, movies, art, beading supplies) what I've earned.

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January 24, 2009


California Solstice Trip

I forgot that I took pictures when I was home! I went on a bunch of hikes, apparently.

Wow, Photoshop's "Smart Sharpen" tool is amazing! Definitely helps since I have trouble focusing perfectly with my glasses and all.

Dad by the sad dead Big Madrone
Dad by the sad dead Big Madrone.

View of Mt. Tam from Lake Lagunitas
View of Mt. Tam from Lake Lagunitas.

Madrone with a twisted trunk
Future Big Madrone replacement? Yeah, in 200 years...

red leaves under the inkwells waterfall
Dad and I hiked out by the Inkwells, where they'd done a lot of trailwork so it was easy to see the pretty waterfall.


dad near the inkwells

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January 23, 2009


Accomplishments This Week

As a means to hold myself accountable for my goal of getting more stuff done, I will post once per week about my artistic (and life?) accomplishments.

Art This Week

  • website: finished (for real this time) site header, sketched site footer, designed rough page layout

  • wrote and posted Watchmen review (maybe I should post it here too?) READ IT!!!!! Movie's out March 6!

  • made 3 pairs earrings

  • made mix CD

  • one decent sketch (for portraiture homework)

Life This Week

  • we got a dishwasher! It didn't work with our sink, so I got it running in only 2 trips to the hardware store. The plumbing gods are not pleased

  • framed two posters myself, and am getting 2 framed professionally !$!!$


January 1, 2009


Finished Solstice Card

Happy New Year!