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October 16, 2009


Goal Check-In

At the start of summer, I set goals for the next six months. Since it's ~4 months later, it seems high time to check up on these goals and reanalyze whether or not they're still doable / what I want.
Good progress!

* Graphic Design:
GOAL: take another couple classes (logo design, color theory);
PROGRESS: took "Graphic Design for the Web";
REMAINING: planning to take a packaging class this fall

GOAL: redo my website and make business cards for myself;
PROGRESS: designed graphics and started coding, developed Tracy Durnell 'seal', created initial designs;
REMAINING: spice up design, finalize business card designs

GOAL: get some more experience (through volunteering);
PROGRESS: no time/energy right now! I'm going to push this goal back to spring, I think.

* Jewelry:
GOAL:start selling on Etsy;
PROGRESS: launch date is MONDAY!!!!

* Life:
GOAL: get better at maintaining myself / my stuff;
PROGRESS: have done all sorts of fun body & car & bike maintenance;
REMAINING: maintain myself by getting more exercise: signed up for another round of cardio kickboxing in fall/winter, and am trying to become a runner again - went for my first run last week! Rain is hindering the 2nd run ;D

GOAL: be more social;
PROGRESS: still a homebody :(

Moderate Progress

* Reading / Writing:
GOAL: finish/make significant progress on my book!;
PROGRESS: I spent many lunch hours editing, and am about 30 pages in. I realized as I was editing how much more I have to write, and have lost momentum, switching my lunch hour back to reading.
ASSESSMENT: Start editing during lunch again once I finish current book and next book. Assess how much writing needs to happen and if I still want to do it.

GOAL: increase pace of graphic novel reviews to one per month;
PROGRESS: Wrote 2 reviews; Have notes prepared for 3 more reviews, but haven't written them.
ASSESSMENT: Get my butt in gear and write those reviews!

Haven't done anything!

* Drawing: finish drawings I started in spring; draw for different seasons/solstices
Guess drawing's not on the top of my list any more. I have all sorts of ideas about things I'd like to design and draw, but time and energy is lacking. Should bump this goal up.

* Science: study and take GRE; complete my currently-being-developed get-back-into-science curriculum
This NEEDS to happen SOON if I'm going to do it. I opened the book and read a chapter... I should make a study plan and pay money so I have a deadline...

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