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October 5, 2009


Woods Wander - Foraging!

We went hunting for mushrooms on Sunday up in the North Cascades (off the Middle Fork) and found a ton of chantrelles, as well as some edible boletes and puffballs! There was plenty of fresh (still shiny) elk droppings, and CJ found large cat feces - too small for cougar I'd say, but it'd be a big bobcat... There were also a lot of pretty things in the woods.

striped shelf fungus growing off of a branch on a fallen log

decaying maple leaf resting on a sword fern

Pacific Tree Frog on forest floor
Pacific Tree Frogs have a distinctive "Y" on the top of their heads between their eyes.

swooshing half cedar stump - cj in the background foraging
CJ's in the background foraging. He has an amazing eye for spotting mushrooms!

geometrically pleasing moss- and lichen- draped branches

holding a western redbacked salamander
Tentatively identified as a Western Redbacked Salamander, with a broad stripe of red-orange (perfectly the color of old needles) down its back.

massive cedar stump with exposed roots

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