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November 18, 2007


Advice I gave myself 2 years ago almost exactly

I've gotten a couple of these things lately--the cards or letters you write to your future self and a teacher mails them out a few years later. Here's what I wrote to myself in late November of 2005:

"I just want to remind you how important the people around you are. It doesn't matter what you're doing or where you are, what will make you happy is the people you're with.

"Realize that you can do the things you want, and remember to do things that you'll remember. Even though you like sitting up late at night drawing and surfing the web, all the time you spend doing that will blur together and suddenly you'll realize how much time has passed and how little you have to show for it."

Apparently I've forgotten these lessons. Rub my face in it, 20 year old Tracy.

The letter from my 14 year old self is more entertaining than advisory. In December 1999, I wrote myself:

"Dear Tracy (21 years old) [note: 14 year old Tracy could not do math, as I am 22 now],
Well you can drink now. And drive. And vote. And have sex. Legally. I wonder how many of those things you will have done by then?

"...What career did I pick? I wonder, since I haven't decided now. I kinda want to be a lawyer, an author, or a musician. Are you all three? I hope so, I really do."

I also found it important enough to inquire after Y2K?!