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July 15, 2007


Music library legality you don't care about, cool artists

I've determined that 26 gigs, or 67%, of my 38 gig music collection is completely legal. If mix CDs are considered legal, add another gig. I challenge most people my age to do better. I have a list of 31 CDs (for which I already have mp3s) that I intend to buy as soon as I have a source of income, which amazingly only accounts for another 1.6 gigs and will bring me up to about 75% legal. I wonder how much of that I actually listen to, and how much I can delete?

Based on mix cds and sample mp3s from music blogs etc, I've bought 54 CDs that I would not have otherwise bought. I have only bought 3 CDs without having heard any music by the artist(s). This is my anecdotal argument that mix CDs may actually, to a degree, benefit record companies.

Cool artists I just found:
Greg Simkins, click on illustrations
Amy Sol, click gallery
Audrey Kawasaki

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