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April 26, 2009


Jewelry! March/April 2009

lava rock, silver, and pearl earring and bracelet set
I experimented with these new lava rock beads I got, pairing them with fake pearls and silver. Unfortunately the lava rock catches on sweaters, so I'm not sure the bracelet's entirely successful.

spunky summer blue and pink dangles

turquoise earrings with copper and copper-colored pearls
I'll probably take these apart since I'm not a huge fan and the turquoise pieces were like 2.50 each... although I do like the color of the copper with the turquoise.

classy black modern earrings

earrings - wrapped wooden disc dangles

earrings - orange stones with bumblebee charms
Though these are simple, I love the bumblebee charms with these orange swirly stones/beads (can't remember).